The best Dutch football pool!


Predict football matches easily!

Join the nicest and one of the biggest FREE Dutch football pools. We had a very successful World Cup 2022 pool (with over 220,000 members!), now it's time for Euro 2024 with already 45,547 members. Registration is free!

A brief explanation of our football pool:

  • Competing is free of charge (all competitions!).
  • Matches can be predicted until 1 second before the start of the match.
  • Prediction of matches and final scores.
  • Start one or more own pools with own ranking and chat. 
  • Send messages in your own pool.
  • Prediction matrix in your own pool to compare each others predictions easily.
  • Possibility to hide your predictions.
  • Send invitations easily.

Start your own pool!

Starting your own pool is easy. We have the following options:
  • Basic
  • Free
  • For family and friends
  • Up to 25 participants
  • With ads
  • With image
  • Pro
  • €5.99
    (Including VAT)
  • For large groups
  • Unlimited participants
  • With ads
  • With image
  • Premium
  • from €50,-
    (Excluding VAT)
  • For companies
  • All participants play ad-free (for 1 year)
  • With own logo


Don't hesitate and contact us via info@voetbalpoules.nl.

Good luck and have fun!